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Hamilton Service company has Fast and reliable service 24/7! 
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With our EPA Certifications, not only do we do refrigeration work, but we also complete Industrial and Commercial HVAC installations and repairs.

MacroAir HVLS Fans

We have licensed electricians who will take on a wide variety of electrical services and installations. We specialize in troubleshooting and servicing electrical in  industrial and commercial environments, from energy management to lighting.


We are the Nebraska distributor, and warranty dealer for Macro Air Fans. We will sell and install the fan for you, or if you prefer to install it yourself, that is fine too! Our technicians are trained in the proper placement and fan to use for best air distribution!

Heating, Ventalation, Air Conditioning

All of our employee's are EPA certified to work with refrigerants, and trained on a wide variety of equipment. We specialize commercial refrigeration applications, such as grocery stores, and convenience stores.